Winter School in Linz, March 2016

Winter School, March 2016

Winter School in Linz, March 2016

 13 March 2016

The T-MAPPP training event was held at the picturesque Linz, located in upper Austria in the midst of the Danube! The  event was held in conjunction with CFDEMⓇproject user group meeting and workshop held by DCS Computing GmbH. 

The event included 13 presentations by T-MAPPP researchers at the special T-MAPPP session. This was followed by a T-MAPPP scientific discussion and other training courses. The scientific discussion was organized using poster presentations by the ESRs and ERs followed by roundtable scientific discussion, organised by Nikoletta Patsaki, Alexander Podlozhnyuk, Yousef El-Hasadi and Kianoosh Taghizadeh.    

The researcher training event included courses in Entrepreneurship, Project management, Intellectual property and a Value Improved Project (VIP) team-workshop.


Training event in Linz

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