III Summer School in Lille&Paris

III Summer School is coming!

III Summer School in Lille&Paris

  8 September 2016

The 3rd T-MAPPP Summer School event will be held in France, in the lovely cities of Lille and Paris! The  event will start with a tour of NEU facilities (http://www.neu-process.com/), in Lille. The following day will be spent for research dissussion for the researchers and Board member.


The event will continue in Paris, where the T-MAPPP researchers group will be for the first time complete: indeed we have recently welcommed a new ER who joined T-MAPPP in June, Xizhong.

In Paris the researcher will attend a training session of two days. The training courses include: Managing software development, Bulk processes, Statistical analysis and How to get research funding.

Pictures and news from the event will follow!!! Don't miss them!

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