Final Network Event: Hannover, September 2017

Final Network Event: Hannover, September 2017

Final Network Event: Hannover, September 2017

 23 April 2018

T-MAPPP's final network event at Hannover Germany was a great success! We had a one-day T-MAPPP Workshop on 25th September 2017, followed by a T-MAPPP Symposium which took place within the 5th International Conference on Particle-Based Methods (PARTICLES 2017) on 26th-28th September 2017.

The T-MAPPP Workshop was fully subscribed with nearly 70 participants, including 30 participants external to the T-MAPPP Consortium. This allowed a vibrant and productive scientific discussion on topics of common interest, and excellent networking opportunities amongst the academic and industrial participants.

The Workshop started with excellent presentations from Dr Martin Murtagh of Corning giving an industrial perspective of particle modelling and Prof. Wolfgang Peukert of Friedrich-Alexander-University describing the microscopic particle to macroscopic bulk behaviour of particulate systems.  An overview of the research and training in T-MAPPP was then presented by Profs Jin Ooi and Stefan Luding.  This was followed by an interactive poster session over lunch, with extensive discussions taking place between the T-MAPPP Research Fellows and the participants.  The afternoon was dedicated to facilitated discussions on four topics that were voted to be the most important to be addressed.  These were:

1) Material characterisation and calibration of simulation parameters

2) Verification and validation of numerical simulations

3) Upscaling of experimental and numerical results to plant scale

4) Coupling of different numerical techniques. 

There was a lively discussion about the progess that has been made and the challenges ahead for applications of particulate modelling.

The T-MAPPP Symposium was organised in conjunction with the PARTICLES 2017 Conference. In total 19 papers were presented. The sessions were well attended and provided an excellent opportunity for the authors to disseminate their research outcomes.



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