• Granular sculpture

    Granular sculpture

    Steel balls sculpture at the entrance of the Landestheater Linz Musiktheater am Volksgarten in Linz (AT)

  • DEM non-spherical particles

    DEM non-spherical particles

    Modelling particle non-sphericity at different levels for DEM and CFD-DEM simulations

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    T-MAPPP network at first meeting in London in September 2014

  • Silo discharge

    Silo discharge

    Detail of silo discharge and arching in a 2D small scale experiment filled with two size glass beads.

Welcome to the T-MAPPP Website

T-MAPPP is an Initial Training Network funded by FP7 Marie Curie Actions with 10 full partners and 6 associate partners. The role of the network is to train the next generation of researchers who can support and develop the emerging inter- and supra-disciplinary community of Multiscale Analysis (MA) of multi Phase Particulate Processes. The goal is to develop skills to progress the field in both academia and industry, by devising new multiscale technologies, improving existing designs and optimising dry, wet, or multiphase operating conditions.

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Training Events

  • II Winter School in Linz

    13 March 2016Training

    The T-MAPPP training event was held at the picturesque Linz, located in the upper Austria in the midst of the Danube! The  event was held in conjunction…  Read More

  • II Summer School in Barcelona

    13 March 2016Training

    From 1st October to 6th October 2015 T-MAPPP network will meet in Barcelona for scientific discussion, mid-term review with EU commitee and new trainings.…  Read More

  • I Winter School in Twente

    13 March 2016Training

    The second training event for the T-MAPPP ESRs was held at the university campus of University of Twente at the beautiful city of Enschede. The event…  Read More